DynaFiz®: Reliable Metrology in Challenging Environments

Designed for dependable interferometry in vibration-prone environments, the DynaFiz® is versatile and adaptable enough to meet various application requirements, from high-end telescope testing to live phase feedback for active optical system alignment.

The light, efficient optical layout of the DynaFiz®, coupled with the ZYGO high-power HeNe laser source, facilitates operation at high camera shutter speeds that “freeze” vibration. This dynamic capability enables reliable metrology in environments where traditional temporal phase-shifting techniques would fail.

Key Features

  • A coherent optical design allows maximum light efficiency while enhancing dynamic performance.
  • ZYGO’s patented unique capabilities provide two options for metrology in vibration-prone environments.
    • QPSITM technology, available only from ZYGO, enables accurate measurements in vibration-prone environments.
    • DynaPhaseTM real-time data acquisition in the most challenging situations for vibration-insensitive metrology
  • Movie Mode lets users capture movies and data files at up to 82 frames per second.
  • LivePhaseTM acquisition offers real-time Zernike feedback for active optical system alignment monitoring.
  • ZYGO-made HeNe laser source
    • Increased power for better vibration performance and low-light applications.
    • Longer lifetime than commercially available lasers, with a warranty of three years
    • The wavelength has been stabilized at 0.0001 nm.
  • The Coherent Artifact Reduction System (CARS) eradicates internal artifact bullseyes and minimizes coherent noise in measurements by up to 10 ×.
  • A discrete optical zoom turret improves resolution up to 3 × magnification.

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